I’ve been getting a lot of music written lately. I’m focusing on themes for a few different things right now. It’s a lot of fun! All I need to do is find time to work on the pieces so that they have harmony and stuff. Eventually I’ll figure out a good way to share snippets of music here, but until then you’ll have to accept my word for it: this is a fun project and it’s going to be great when it’s done!

Moving more slowly are my space dragon story — which is so close to being done, if I could just get to work on it once or twice more it would be finished — and my revision to The Wolf & the Bear — my retelling of “Snow White & Rose Red” with vikings.

Here’s an excerpt from my first draft of the space dragon story. I wrote this on Monday:

Laura stopped, forgetting about Ellie for a moment.

“Wow,” she whispered.

Laura realized that something looked wrong. She had been in the observation lounge with her parents before, and everything was always black outside the station, but nothing but space ships were moving.

There were things moving out there this time.

What’s moving out there, and what’s going to happen to the station? That’s what I need to write. It’s the finale to this story. I’ll let you know next week if I managed to get it done, though I won’t be giving away the ending!


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