Alas, this week has been not very good for writing-related pursuits. I did manage to get through another chapter inĀ The Wolf & the Bear, and I edited a flash fiction story a couple of times, but that’s it. No new words written this week, no music written. Granted, the furnace went out on Saturday and we had a busy weekend, so I suppose I have some excuses, but still.

Nothing I’ve written lately has tickled me enough to share it in an excerpt. I will, instead, tell you a little about the main character of the flash fiction story I was working on this week.

Cody is in his early twenties and lives in a group home—he has a disability, but it’s not stated in the story (on purpose, and I’m not going to tell you here, either). Through the edits I made to this story, I have learned that he really really really likes the Roughriders (Saskatchewan’s pro football team). This required me to research the names and positions of the players, since I am not a sports fan. I quite like Cody. He’s impulsive and gets flustered easily, and green is apparently his favourite colour (since the Roughriders’ uniforms are bright green). He’s usually pretty easy-going, but sometimes things happen and he reacts before thinking things through.

I hope you will like him too, when you get to read his story.


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