This week I was able to start another story, but I didn’t finish it yet and I wasn’t able to get any other writing done. That’s okay though; the next week should be better.

My surprise is stalled but I hope to have it ready to go soon. Just one small hitch in the execution.

Planning is one of the ways I procrastinate. However, it’s a lot of fun and I usually plan things like when to work on which projects.

I put all of my ideas into a Writing Timeline spreadsheet I created in Excel and I track my progress in it. The stats:

242 ideas
49 finished stories and compositions (to final draft)
3 published pieces
167 in first draft
21 in revision
3 in edits
1 waiting to be finalized

It’s a great process for me, and it helps me stay focused when I need to.

How do you organize your ideas and stay focused on your work?


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